Neatsy app — AI doctor in a phone!

The world’s 1st app that detects orthopedic and podiatry health issues with a Phone camera.

Patented AI algorithms

The platform uses Neatsy’s patented AI-generated algorithms to identify potential podiatric-related ailments, by scanning a user’s feet via smartphone.

Joint research in progress with FARIL MGH Harvard Medical School

Neatsy’s core features are being researched in collaboration with FARIL (Foot & Ankle Research and Innovation Lab) of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.

How it works?

3D foot scaning
Foot health checkup
Online consultation with orthopedist
Personalized shoes, orthotics & workouts recommendations

Full body scan

Coming soon
  1. Back and joint care, posture issues, MSK care
  2. Body Volume Index (BVI), obesity and muscle gains tracking

Try it out with our new showcase app

Showcase app
Showcase app
FunkyFedor, 09/22/2020

A technology I was waiting for!

How cool is this! Just scanned my feet and ordering the first pair of sneakers. Would love to have the same technology for pants and hoodies.