Neatsy — enabling telehealth for orthopedists and patients!

The world’s 1st app that helps orthopedists to monitor patients online.

AI foot scanner app

The platform utilizes Neatsy’s patented AI-driven algorithms to spotlight potential podiatric concerns through smartphone imagery, acting as a supportive tool for doctors.

Medical dashboard for orthopedists

The dashboard hosts 3D foot scans, and PROMs, aiding physicians in their assessment and consideration of treatment options.

Share a 3D scan with doctor

A patient receives an invitation from the doctor and installs the app.
The patient makes a 3D scan of their feet in the Neatsy app.
Then sends a 3D foot scan and a questionnaire to an orthopedist.

Doctor's dashboard and CDSS

3D scans of the patient and highlighted issues.
Physical therapy and orthopedic insoles.
Treatment progress analytics.

Patient follows care plan

The patient gets a diagnosis and recommendations from the doctor.
The patient gets a personalised physical therapy plan if needed.
The patient can order orthotics right in the app if needed.

Joint research in progress with FARIL MGH Harvard Medical School

Neatsy’s core features are being researched in collaboration with FARIL (Foot & Ankle Research and Innovation Lab) of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.

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